Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the warranty period on Winchester Air Rifles and Pistols? How long are the sights under warranty?

    Guns have a one-year warranty from date of purchase and sights have a 90 day warranty from date of purchase.

  2. How much is the out-of-warranty charge on guns/sights?

    Call our Customer Service Department at (800) 713-2479 for prices.

  3. Where do we send a gun for service?

    Call our Customer Service Department at (800) 713-2479. Most models currently in production may be returned for repair or replacement with a similar model. There will be a charge for out-of-warranty guns. Do not ship a gun without calling for details.

    We may recommend that you send your out-of-warranty gun to one of our qualified independent gunsmiths. Do not ship a gun without calling for details.

  4. My gun is jammed and will no longer shoot. What should I do?

    Put gun on safety before inspecting the airgun or attempting to clear jam. Sometimes you can dislodge the ammunition by running a cleaning rod down the muzzle end of the barrel. If this does not work, the gun will need to be returned to the factory.

  5. My CO2 gun is leaking where CO2 cylinder is punctured. Can I fix this myself?

    Sometimes you can replace the face seal and this will stop your gun from leaking. The face seal is the seal the pin comes through and seats against the cylinder. To receive some replacement seals at no charge call customer service at (800) 713-2479.

  6. Where is the model number located on my gun?

    Most of the rifles have the model number located on the top of the barrel near the rear sight. On the pistols it is usually on the side of the receiver.

  7. Where can I purchase Winchester Air Rifles and Pistols locally?

    Please visit our “Where to Buy” section of this website for links to stores which sell our products.

  8. Can orders be shipped outside of the USA?

    No we can not ship to individuals outside of the USA.

  9. How long does it take to receive my order?

    Please allow 10-14 working days from the time we receive your order and affidavit.