Airgun Hunting Laws

Click on each state below to see what the current airgun hunting laws are for that state.  Scroll below the map to see the species allowed for airgun hunting and other regulatory considerations. This interactive map was created by the Airgun Sporting Association (ASA) and Pyramyd Air .

Please note that laws and regulations do change rapidly and there are links below for you to visit the specific State Agency website for each State to access the specifics for each species and season in which you are interested to hunt.

This interactive map was created in collaboration with Pyramyd Air and the Airgun Sporting Association (ASA).

The Airgun Sporting Associaton (ASA) strives to keep this interactive map up-to-date to highlight hunting laws and regulations in each state.  If you see an error in our map or hear of new legislative efforts being considered in your home state, please contact the Airgun Sporting Association (ASA) here.

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